Bespoke Jewelry from Jyoti New York

The Hidden Scroll ring hides messages of love.

The Hidden Scroll ring hides messages of love.

Looking for the perfect gift to complement a very special occasion? Why not order bespoke jewelry?

That’s the question more people are asking. One couple recently worked with New York marque Jyoti New York to design an engagement ring featuring a pink diamond with side scrolls concealing engraved messages of love. The “Hidden Scroll” ring memorialized their time in Rome and included a snap-off pave diamond cover that the bride, a physician, could take off for hospital work.

Another woman worked with Jyoti to design a “Windows of Perception” necklace of diamonds in a stark rectangular setting that works both as a pendant and as a clasp for a lush three-strand pearl ensemble.

The creative mind behind the brand is Jyoti Singhvi, 36, a seventh-generation jeweler whose family once crafted gems for the Indian nobility in Delhi. After growing up surrounded by beautiful, custom-designed jewelry in India and then in Ohio, Singhvi began designing her own pieces as a young teen. She went to MIT and Harvard, then worked for jewelers such as Cartier before founding her own brand. Her work is available online.

Jyoti’s custom-designed “storytelling” jewelry starts with a meeting, she says: “It’s one-of-a-kind, designed to tell your personal story about all the important things that have happened to you.”

The Windows of Perception necklace can be worn either with massed strands of pearls or as a pendant.

The Windows of Perception necklace can be worn either with massed strands of pearls or as a pendant.

The brand’s ready-to-wear collections focus on “mindfulness,” she says. A “Bubbles” range brings together the joy and laughter of champagne, baths, and popping bubbles. The “Coeur” line includes a center diamond surrounded by diamond petals evoking your connection to those you love and what you value. These values are a part of what make such precious gems and jewelry so captivating, and show the kind of mind that can take This knowledge about the stones and turn them into something beyond their original form.

The collections are designed for a woman who moves seamlessly between galas and boardrooms. The “Cherry Blossoms in Snow” necklace, a fountain of diamonds and pink tourmaline set in white gold ($112,250), seems destined for the red carpet. The necklace would pair well with the “Palace of Versailles” cuff ($63,600), a delicately filigreed bracelet with 4 carats of diamonds set into white and yellow gold.

“The modern-day woman is very busy, running on all cylinders,” says Singhvi, who could be describing her own life. “She’s a woman, a mother, a philanthropist, with a successful career.”

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